safeUV 222nm Excimer Lamps

As a 222nm UV Lamp Manufacturer, safeUV’s mission is to preserve community by creating safer spaces to live, work, and play. Our lamps provide OEMs with the ultimate disinfection technology to make products that create healthier spaces.

Although dangerous airborne and surface pathogens are invisible to the naked eye, their presence can have serious health implications. Our technology works on a molecular level to eradicate such threats, bringing reliable, safe, sanitary conditions into your space. safeUV’s Excimer Lamp technology completely destroys harmful pathogens and viruses within the core of their DNA.

Our superior Far-UV excimer lamps provide the most powerful 222nm solution for sanitizing air, water, and surfaces. safeUV’s 222nm UV Lamp is a state-of-the-art mercury-free microbe destroying technology that can eliminate pathogens like MRSA, C.Diff, influenza, and coronaviruses.

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How It Works

our lamps last ten times longer


safeUV is proud to offer a KrCl 222nm lamp that outlasts the competition ten times over; competitor lamps have a life of approximately 3,000 hours, while safeUV Far-UV excimer lamps last in excess of 30,000 hours.

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Far UV lamps can be deployed in a variety of products and settings to create a healthier environment for people to work or play. Standard sizes are availble that will fit a variety of needs or work with the safeUV team to develop the right fit for your solution.

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Our lamps can be used in overhead fixtures to disinfect the air in a line-of-sight fashion, or in handheld devices designed to target specific surfaces. Use safeUV lamps in HVAC systems to clean air and protect systems from mold and bacteria as well as legionella. When used in mass transportation our lamps can make travel safer in an environment with the potential for constant introduction of new risks. safeUV is the ideal option for commercial and industrial applications.

What is an Excimer Lamp?

Excimer lamps are gas-discharge lamps that emit ultraviolet waves as a result of the breakup of molecules called “excited dimers”, or more commonly “excimers”. These excimers react with gas within the lamp, and then ultimately settle and emit UV photons. Our lamps use KrCl gasses in a Quartz tube coupled with a specific power supply to produce 222nm photons. 222nm photons are unique in that they can destroy microbes but do not penetrate human skin or eyes. As a result, 222nm provides the only safe real-time disinfection solution available today.

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Industry Expertise

safeUV can work with your product development team to determine the best use of this revolutionary disinfection technology. UV disinfection is a simple formula of time and distance coupled with lamp power and output. Our Far-UV excimer lamps can disinfect in near real-time in spaces where they are installed correctly. While surfaces and liquids present several variables that need to be considered, the experts at safeUV are equipped to work with OEM’s to ensure that lamps are applied to achieve the best results. Depending on your goals we can recommend an excimer lamp that will provide the optimum combination of disinfection and safety.

Revolutionary Technology

safeUV believes in the power of ultraviolet technology to completely transform the way that people work and live. With our 222nm Far-UV excimer lamps, OEMs can provide clients with a scientifically proven method of disinfection that will allow their products and businesses to run safely and continuously, regardless of outside threats. Contact us to discuss how 22nm Far-UV excimer lamps can transform your productivity and safety.