Order Far-UV Lamps from SafeUV

Order Far-UV Lamps from SafeUV

Using Far-UV lamps from SafeUV, you can provide safe and continuous air disinfection automated cleaning in line-of-sight spaces. Our excimer lamp technology uses a 222nm UV wavelength that eradicates harmful pathogens without risking the safety of humans.

SafeUV 222nm Far-UV lights can be integrated into overhead lighting solutions and provide immediate sanitization of air and surfaces. With wattages ranging from 50W to 500W and 7”, 14”, 18”, and 23” lengths SafeUV 222nm lights are suitable for numerous applications from large open spaces to small private rooms. SafeUV Far-UV lamps can be an added element to OEM products or serve as a standalone solution for those looking to implement human-safe Far-UV lamps into their sanitization protocols and procedures,
We can work with your team to integrate our 222nm lights into existing fixtures as well as provide advice during new product development. If you want to learn more about what sets our sanitizing lamps apart from traditional UVC lamps, you can contact us today.

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Our 222nm UV Lamps Will Not Harm Humans

UV lighting has long been used as a disinfectant, but it has historically been in the 254nm range, which is germicidal but not safe for continuous human exposure. While 254nm UVC light is effective in killing germs, we wanted to develop a similar solution that humans could be safely exposed to with expanded applications beyond medical disinfection. The core mission of SafeUV is to offer a comprehensive disinfection solution that preserves community values and creates safer spaces to live, work, and play. Proper installation of 222nm Far-UV lamps makes this mission a reality!

Our 222nm UV lamps are effective in killing a wide range of airborne, surface, and liquid pathogens while remaining completely safe for extended human exposure. UV-light at 222nm does not penetrate skin or eyes deeply enough to cause damage like extended contact with 254nm UVC.

Disinfecting Air and Surfaces in Near Real-Time with Correct Installation

The uses for our 222nm lamps go beyond simply cleaning empty rooms. Testing has shown that lamps with this specific wavelength of UV will actively clean rooms with proper installation and adequate HVAC system ventilation. SafeUV lamps provide real-time air disinfection to human-occupied spaces with noted improvements to indoor air quality. Indoor air quality is often dependent on the number of air changes per hour, with a higher number resulting in improved air quality. With SafeUV 222nm fixtures, the treated space can expect to see an added boost of three to seven equivalent air changes per hour (eACH) further improving indoor air quality. To further expand the benefits and coverage of 222nm light, SafeUV products can be added directly to the HVAC system to provide immediate sanitization of all air that cycles through the system.
Proper installation includes not just installing a UV lamp as directed but also ensuring that the right number of lamps are being used to reach the entire room’s space to treat exposed surfaces. The 222nm UV light emitted by our lamps must reach the entire space where they are being used to sanitize properly. This makes it important to strategically install our lamps in a way that their light can be exposed to the room’s complete surface.

222nm Effects on COVID, Bacteria, and Other Viruses

While many companies first heard about the concept of using Far-UV light to sanitize spaces due to its effectiveness against COVID, this technology has extensive uses. From helping to eliminate seasonal viruses like the cold and flu to bacteria that can reside in fluids and surfaces, this technology has endless uses. The Safe 24 light, currently available as a portable option, wall mount, or ceiling mount, offers 99.99% effectiveness in eradicating microbes with less than five seconds of exposure to 222nm. Plus, given that 222nm UV light is safe for human exposure, you can use it to improve sanitization without concerns about harming occupants or having to clear out a room during the sanitization process.

SafeUV Air Disinfection is Supported by Science

Extensive research has been conducted to confirm the efficacy of UVC light against airborne pathogens. When compared, for example, to a portable air cleaner that uses air filtration to remove pathogens from the air, UVC provides significantly more robust sanitization. This is because it actively works to kill pathogens and inhibit reproduction or DNA replication while requiring minimal continuous contact to do so. While SafeUV lamps require some additional installation steps over standard air filtration devices, they will provide superior protection against airborne pathogens once implemented.

SafeUV 222nm Lamps Provide Consistent & Cost-Effective Sanitization

From providing an estimated quantity of Far-UV lamps to cover open spaces to advising your team on how best to integrate them into your products, SafeUV can help. Our Safe 24 lamps, among other products, improve sanitization practices for offices, hospitals, schools, gyms, fitness studios, mass transportation, or any other business where removing airborne pathogens is critical to overall improvements in indoor air quality. Furthermore, if your organization is in the stages of developing fixtures that offer sanitization benefits for these same spaces, SafeUV offers a team of credentialed industry professionals and manufacturing expertise to make your product a reality. Integrating SafeUV 222nm Far-UV lamps can serve as the perfect human-safe way to consistently sanitize and improve indoor air quality. You can contact us today to discuss your needs and learn even more about our UV lamps.

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