UV Lamp Air Disinfection For Gyms & Fitness Studios


Owning a public fitness studio or gym includes the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment for customers to exercise in close contact without concern. While standard cleaning practices such as wiping down surfaces will, hopefully, always stay in style, additional innovative methods are available to these shared spaces to help improve cleanliness and reduce the spread of germs. With safeUV, human-safe Far-UV lamps are readily available for installation in gyms and fitness studios to bolster sanitization practices with air disinfection through 222-nanometer Far-UV light.

Disinfecting Small Exercise Spaces with UV Light

Although safeUV lamps do not completely erase the need for manual cleaning methods, the disinfection properties are immediately activated with the simple flip of a light switch. When the lights are activated, your space benefits from the instantaneous destruction of harmful pathogens. Thanks to the human-safe properties of the shorter wavelength 222-nanometer Far-UV light, your gym can be continuously sanitized, even during occupation or business hours. Not only do safeUV lamps make sense in communal exercise areas, but these lights can make a tremendous difference in the following close contact spaces:

Locker rooms
Private Studios or Classrooms
Yoga Studios
Massage Rooms
Public Entrances & Exits
Far-UV Sanitization in Gyms & Fitness Studios

It is no secret that pathogens travel faster when humans are in close contact with one another and sharing exercise equipment. In smaller gyms or studios, a single Far-UV lamp can disinfect from 200 to 1,200 square feet of space. By implementing just a few of these excimer lamps at strategic locations through your fitness studio, you can provide extra protection for your clients and keep them healthier while utilizing your space for personal improvement. An added benefit of this next-generation technology is that it can be integrated into your existing HVAC system, supplying your gym or fitness studio with continuously disinfected air. When compared to traditional air purifiers or even high-flow HEPA-style air cleaners, Far-UV outperformed these methods while also lasting longer and delivering improved results through a completely silent process.

How Does Human Safe Far-UV (222nm) Work?

Although ultraviolet light has been used throughout the last century as a disinfectant, the majority of UV light with germicidal properties is not safe for humans. Traditional germicidal UV-C light has a wavelength of 254 nanometers (nm), which can penetrate the outer layer of skin and damage eyesight. Alternatively, safeUV Far-UV lamps maintain the same germicidal properties at a lower wavelength of 222 nm that is safe for human exposure. Working at a molecular level, overhead Far-UV Excimer Lamps entirely eradicate harmful pathogens and viruses at the core of their DNA structure. Attacking the DNA structure of the pathogen with this specific wavelength of ultraviolet light inhibits replication. With a 99.99% effectiveness rate, safeUV lamps can disinfect entire surfaces underneath the emitted light within five seconds of exposure. Scientific study has shown incredible results in eliminating staphylococcus aureus bacteria – what causes staph infections – coronaviruses and other flu-like viruses like H1N1.

Quote Affordable safeUV Lamps for Your Space

At safeUV, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for keeping visitors to your gym or fitness studio safe from harmful transmittable pathogens. By offering a cost-effective, mercury-free, climate-safe, and adaptable sanitizing system, safeUV is focused on enhancing the fitness space for all to enjoy. Ultimately, healthier clients and customers will exercise more frequently, feel more secure when visiting, and lead to an increase in business for your company. Far-UV lamps represent an exciting advancement in sanitizing and disinfection technology that bolsters protection against unseen pathogens that can disrupt exercise routines and daily lives. For more information about safeUV technology and how it will improve the safety of your fitness space, visit our contact page and send us a note about your desired application.